Content Management

“Content is the King” this is what you must heard is the crux in terms of digital marketing; this phrase is equally relevant with all its glory in eCommerce Domain as well. Success of an eCommerce Stores is equally dependent on the right product mix and its digital content.

Digital content is a combination of textual and multimedia assets. This digital content could be anything including but not limited to Product Images, Product Descriptions, Product features, Product specifications, Product Reviews and Product related Videos etc.

To produce an experience which leads a buyer to make purchase on your web-store, it is imperative to have a great content about your product. If the content is not good enough and accurate, the buyer would not be interested to buy from your online Store as he is not being answered all his queries about the product. In other words, if you want a successful online business then you must focus on Content Quality to increase buyer’s trust. If your presentation of the product is precise, attractive and accurate, it leads to an experience which is equivalent to experience the product in-person, which in turn increase the confidence of buyers in your product and services and make them buy from your store.

To maintain the accuracy and integrity of the content is itself an uphill task. As an eCommerce Store Owner you have your hands full of tasks and have better thing to do then managing content and you might considered it non-productive. It's always a good idea to get a dedicated team of professionals to manage content, and you always wanted to do this while keeping your input costs low.

Benefits of Outsourcing Content Management Services:

  • Up to date and Accurate Product Data: Get the massive product data, product attributes, data mining, data cleansing and standardization done. Your Product data is checked regularly and updates are made.Add product information like product specification, product title, SKU id, price, stock availability, brand name, and part number.
  • Bulk Upload: Get your product data uploaded in bulk which is captured from formats like paper catalog, PDF, scanned images, and word documents.
  • High Quality Content: Optimized high quality product description that include unique product description and sharp quality images for your products that are sourced and produced from reliable sources.
  • Better Imaging Content: Our team of professionals will source best of images for product descriptions and will edit and modify distorted product images to high quality images. Edits and modifications include Cropping, image resizing, image color balancing etc.

Why use our services?

  • Highly customized and affordable content management services on offer.
  • Save more than 65% on your operating expenses.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Cost-efficient trained staff to render categorical item changes.
  • Strict procedures that make sure an excellent amount of precision.
  • Knowledgeable & trained staff.
  • Optimal high quality output.

Outsourcing your content management is a great solution which helps you in achieving an organized, accurate and attractive online catalog while you can focus on your supply chain to offer the right product mix to your customer, thus creating a win-win situation for you and your customers.At Professional ITS, we are committed to offer an advanced suite of eCommerce Content Management services and help you unwind from handling your huge online catalogs.

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We are a distributor as well as a retailer of mobile accessories. As distributors, we need to list the product on our wholesale website based on Magento and as online retailers we need to add listings to our retail website and other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Since 2007, when we started with them, Professional ITS has listed thousands of SKUs for us with accuracy and speed. Well Done Professional ITS!
-- Cindy George
Mobile Accessories Distributor & Online Retailer