Data De-Duplication & Cleansing

Inconsistent data is one of major reason for lost sales opportunities and abandoned shopping carts. Quality of product information plays a crucial role in buying decisions of a customer. In absence of accurate and error-free information, customers can not even search effectively. Incomplete and error in product data results not only to poor search results but also confuse customers while buying.

Most of the times similar products and incomplete information can cause one’s business to bear unnecessary inventory expenses, missed sales opportunities, and leads to unnecessary communication with customers. Duplicate products and listings can confuse online buyers and spoil the reputation of an ecommerce store.

Data de-duplication is a method to carry out data cleaning. Data de-duplication and cleansing rectify and remove unnecessary data that is incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. It alters data in a given resource to make sure that it is accurate and correct.

Benefits of Outsourcing data de-duplication and data cleansing Services

  • Eliminate identical product and redundant information.
  • Optimized and faster functioning for greater performance of website/store.
  • Steady demonstration of product details.
  • Providing efficient search and accurate data to customers.
  • Remove duplicated data and images.

Why choose our services?

  • Our workforce reviews and provides definite decisions about duplicate data. A standard product data that is correct and non-redundant is an important aspect to work efficiently.
  • We have a compelling de-duplication and cleansing process to ensure that no valid data is removed and no redundant data is maintained.
  • Our quality analysis systems processes run repeated checks before the final output assuring high level of accuracy.
  • Data de-duplication and cleansing is done in an organized manner. Data is processed for duplicates, inaccuracy, gaps and consistency.
  • We use latest software and technology for data de-duplication and cleansing.
  • Our services helps to reduce data cost and duplicate records. Cost effectiveness is the biggest advantage, as you save your operating costs by choosing Professional ITS.

At Professional-ITS, we help your business with accurate data de-duplication services. Our processes make sure that your data gets cleansed of unwanted and distracting data. Our motive is to use the powerful technology of data de-duplication to provide you with quality data services that can increase the speed and advance a more efficient functioning of your systems. We aim to reduce the cost that your organization bear due to redundant data and obsolete records with data de-duplication and cleansing services from Professional-ITS.

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We have 3000+ listings on Amazon and eBay. With our limited resources, we were struggling to take care of routine activities such as price monitoring, re-pricing, Quantity Syncing, Sending feedback requests etc. Professional ITS helped us with their team of virtual assistants and are performing these tasks for us flawlessly. Thank you Professional ITS.
-- Daniel Brown
Marketplace Manager
Private label Clothing Retailer