SKU Content Production Services

Great Content is essential for e-commerce businesses that sell their products or services online. Good Content about your product offers an engaging experience to customer and sells your products, just as a sales person would in a store. Good content quality leads to greater number of product visits, to better quality perception by the consumers and to higher profits.

Professional ITS offer professional SKU Content Production Services for e-Commerce businesses. To produce an SKU for listing on an e-Commerce store or marketplace, we research and gather relevant and attributed product content from various sources including but not limited to manufacturer’s marketing literature and website. This content is then simplified and optimized for use in e-Commerce environment.

Attributed Product data is research and gathered from manufacturer’s marketing literature, website and other sources. This data is then audited for completeness and accuracy and submitted for Simplification to our Content processing team. Simplification includes rechecking of all related attributes and their values, relevancy of related values and formatting which ensure clear and accurate selections availability in a faceted search environment.

Our typical production covers almost all attributes of SKU Content Production, including but not limited to the product name, manufacturer’s identification, item type, product explanation and description, item specifications and pricing etc.

Product listings with simplified and optimized content are search friendly and have better visibility in faceted search environment. Shoppers can easily find what they are looking for, which results in higher page views and higher conversions.

Benefits of outsourcing SKU Content production services

  • Decrease the time to get to market.
  • Decrease the cost of acquiring, enhancing, and managing digital assets.
  • Superior product content is a huge competitive advantage and attracts customers, increases purchasing rates, and stimulates repeat visits.

Why choose our services?

  • Experts in complicated and complex product data management.
  • Wide experience in eCommerce domain to give you the best possible outcomes.
  • Dedicated team of product content specialists with precise experience in SKU building.
  • All services work directly with client organizations and in accordance to their requirements.
  • Scale to increase speed and consistency relative to client organizations.
  • All product data is owned by the client at the end of the production process.
  • You can save operating costs by choosing our services that turns out to be a great advantage to your company.
  • We employ strict information security policies so that you can be assured about your data.
  • Our services support your business with well-organized and low-cost product content production and management, helping you focus on your core business.

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You can trust them with your customers! With their great customer service skills, Professional ITS efficiently take care of our customer emails and have helped us improve our customer satisfaction scores on Amazon and eBay.
-- Mazhar Khan
Online Retailer of Herbal Beauty Products