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At professional-ITS, we are always delighted to see customer enquiries, we take our clients’ efforts for reaching us with an enquiry very seriously and we always respond in time and are precise on our response.

As a seasoned provider of Catalog processing services, we provide complete eCommerce life-cycle services, starting from SKU creation to customer relations. We are processing eCommerce data since 2007 for our clients and can take care of various tasks including but not limited to updating product information, arranging products into categories and sub-categories, creating SEO rich product descriptions, image research and editing, inventory sync to various marketplaces, price monitoring and update etc.

We offer no obligation free trial services to our selective prospective clients. The idea behind offering no obligation free trial services is to help our clients understand the level of our services in real time, and at the same time we understand our clients’ expectations and get their feedback in real time.

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FAQs on free trial:

Why do you offer Free Trial? Are there any expectations from you? What’s in it for you?
We offer no obligation free trial to our selective prospective clients. We have no expectations for payments and no obligation on our client to enter into any contract after the free trial ends. We do this so that we can get feedback on why or why not our clients want to use our services. We appreciate client feedbacks and this helps us further improve our delivery model.

How does the trial work? If we use the trial will we be entering into some sort of contract?
We offer free trial to only a few prospective customers, this will be no obligation free trial, we will sign an NDA and a Work order with a week's duration on it, and pricing will be kept as zero (0.00).

How will information between the two parties be transferred?
All the information shared will be protected under NDA. Work related data can be shared through emails, FTP or document sharing (we can give access to our FTP and Dropbox accounts or vice versa).

Do you all have a standard non-disclosure agreement?
Yes we do, we can produce as and when required, we can also work on terms of your standard NDA.
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You can trust them with your customers! With their great customer service skills, Professional ITS efficiently take care of our customer emails and have helped us improve our customer satisfaction scores on Amazon and eBay.
-- Mazhar Khan
Online Retailer of Herbal Beauty Products