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Just having a well-designed eCommerce store is not enough to increase sales. To gain competitive edge in the market, it is a must to have a populated and organized store that provides relevant, accurate and up-to-date product information to the visitors and helps them make an informed choice. However, there is a great deal of work involved with maintaining eCommerce stores. Also, uploading a large number of product inventory comprising images, descriptions and other vital details is a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

PITS is well-appointed with online product data entry services specialists who list products accurately and help eCommerce business owners populate their shopping carts proficiently. Rely on us for your product data upload needs so that you can concentrate on imperative aspects of your business. Our experts are adept at entering product data manually as well as in batches with utmost ease and accuracy. We can also handle a variety of source formats such as paper catalogs, CSV, PDF files or MS Excel data sheets.

As part of our eCommerce product data entry services, our experts conduct:

  • Thorough product research - Our experts conduct an in-depth research on the products that you offer to ensure that the store is updated with relevant and accurate information.
  • Product classification - Before assigning products to a category, our professionals thoroughly study the store categories and sub-categories. They make sure that products are classified appropriately to make it easy for your customers to locate them.
  • Competitor analysis- As part of eCommerce data entry services, our teams conduct product price comparisons to make sure that you offer the products at the most competitive prices.
  • Product attributes data entry - To keep your eCommerce store updated with required product information, our experts enter product attributes including titles, descriptions, prices, weight, etc.
  • Product image editing and upload - Experts at PITS can help you enhance and retouch your product images so that they appeal to your visitors. They also resize the images for normal as well as enlarged view.
  • SEO-friendly eCommerce content - We understand how crucial it is to get a higher rank in search engines. Our experts create keyword rich content and optimize your product titles, descriptions as well as images to make them search engine compatible. As part of product description writing services, our copywriters create keyword-rich, engaging, informative and precise copies that compels visitors to make purchases.
  • Product Review Writing: With our product data entry services, we help eCommerce entrepreneurs create credible reviews that boosts online visibility and help in pre-selling goods.
  • Hire Product Data Entry Operators: Reduce your administrative burden and costs by hiring product data entry operators from PITS. Our experts work round-the-clock to key-in pertinent information and maintain an updated product catalog.

PITS offers Product Upload Services for all the major eCommerce platforms, including but not limited to:

Value Added Services: eCommerce Product Data Entry Services

Success of an eCommerce store highly depends on the quality of product information that it provides to the customers. At PITS, we make sure that your product data is clean, optimized, well-managed and up-to-date. Some of the value added product upload services that we provide include:

Data De-Duplication and Cleansing: If your product data is incomplete, incorrect or outdated, we can help you! Our experts de-duplicate and cleanse product data at frequent intervals to help store owners improve business productivity and boost bottom line.

Product Data Enrichment: To further enhance the quality of your product data, we add accurate, relevant and rich product information that helps in increasing sales and conversion figures. We adhere to data quality standards and make sure that the information is authentic and correct to the last detail.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling: Our experts leverage up-sell/cross-sell techniques to increase product sales and profits. We add sections like ‘You May Also Like’, ‘Related Products’, ‘People Who Bought This, and Also Bought’ and others to entice customers in buying more items from the store.

Site Design/Re-design: PITS houses an expert team of web designers and developers who can assist you right from designing your store from a scratch to re-designing it as per the current standards. We design responsive sites with engaging user-interface.

PITS provides complete eCommerce product upload services to help you ease out the process and enable you to display your products online. We accurately enter and categorize information and images to provide the best experience to the end user and help you increase sales. We deliver eCommerce data entry services to diverse industry verticals across the globe.

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