Competitor Analysis Services

Every business has competition. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competition or potential competition is critical to making sure your business survives and grows.

At Professional ITS, we help you establishing your ecommerce business on various marketplaces. Our in-depth analysis of competition helps you place yourself ahead of the competition.

The main goals of a competitor analysis are to understand who your competitors are, what strategies they are using and have planned, how competitors might react to your company’s actions, and how to influence competitor behavior to your advantage.

Our team of professional is backed by 10+ years of experience in tracking competitor prices on eBay and other price sensitive marketplaces. Our unique combination of automated and manual methods gives us an edge in tracking down competitors’ pricing strategy.

Benefits of using Competitor analysis Services:

  • Identifying strength, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis relative to your competitors.
  • Analyzing present and future strategies of competitor.
  • Understanding the strategies of potential rivals.
  • Figuring out the policies, based upon competitor’s strategy, to be incorporated into your own decision making process.
  • Can assist your management with developing marketing strategies
  • Can identify opportunities in the market that are underserved.
  • Can help you take advantage of competitors weaknesses to grow market share.
  • Can allow you to make better informed decisions about your strategy and ensure you can create sustainable competitive advantages.

Why use our Services?

The Competitor Analysis Services provided by Professional ITS can help your eCommerce business by:

Showcasing your weak points – Analysis and research reports can present your weaknesses which otherwise you would not get to know.

Improving Product/Service Offering – Competitive business intelligence can help you determine best practices to improve your products and services offerings to the targeted customers.

Building a better Brand Image – Company profiling makes you offer unique value proposition to your customers, thereby building a better market position.

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We are a distributor as well as a retailer of mobile accessories. As distributors, we need to list the product on our wholesale website based on Magento and as online retailers we need to add listings to our retail website and other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Since 2007, when we started with them, Professional ITS has listed thousands of SKUs for us with accuracy and speed. Well Done Professional ITS!
-- Cindy George
Mobile Accessories Distributor & Online Retailer